When I was growing up I remember my parents being there. I remember my dad dropping me off for my first day of kindergarten. I remember my mom watching my field hockey games at 3 o’clock on a weekday. My dad taking us golfing during the summer throughout my entire childhood is another fond memory I have. My mom was a lawyer in her own practice and my dad was, well actually I always thought he was a bit of a spy because he didn’t have a regular job with an office, but my dad was a food broker and spent a lot of time on the phone and the golf course. They had flexible hours and could be there for me. I want the same for my kids- for them to have both parents THERE while they are growing up. This is why we started Rustic Capital: to be able to spend more time with our family and live our lives today not in 30 years.


We have four boys ages 5,5,7 &8. They aren’t going to want to spend so much time with us forever so in 2016 we started on the path to financial freedom. We invested in our first duplex followed 4 months later by a 4-plex. Let me tell you it was quite a learning process but we stuck with it. We learned a lot of valuable lessons and continued to grow our multi-family portfolio as well as investing in various flips, personal loans and syndications. While we are not financially free from our “W2” jobs yet we are getting there and real estate investing is going to get us there quickly.


Real estate investing is a great way to make our money work for us. The goal here is to have passive income- money that works for you not you working for money. Gwyeth spends more hours at work each day than he does with his kids. Ok, maybe sometimes I think he’s lucky when WWIII is breaking out at home but in reality these days won’t last forever and he doesn’t want to feel like he’s missed the best days all for a W2. Who wants to work hard so they can enjoy retirement? Well most of you would because that’s what we’ve always been taught: work hard and retire well. But there is an alternative. I say let your money work for you and enjoy right now. That’s what real estate investing can do for you. Take back your time. Live life now not in 30 years.